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 The Knights sword

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str karce
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PostSubject: The Knights sword   Mon Aug 22, 2011 5:05 am

Hello guys, just wanted to make my 1st quest guide Smile

Skills needed: 10 mining
Items needed: 2 iron bars, if you want a blurite sword to 4 iron bars, a redberry pie, and a pick axe
Extra items: Runes for varrock and falador teleport. Some armour.
Rewards: 12,725 Smithing experience.

You must start the quest in white knights castle

1. Talk to the Squire. He will tell you that Sir Vyvin is a good guy, but that he has lost his sword! Offer him to make a new sword. He will tell you that the sword was made by the Imcando Dwarves and that it's been passed on in Sir Vyvin's family for generations. Ask him if the Imcando dwarves would be capable of making a new sword, and he will tell you that he's not sure about that and that he is not even sure if they still exist. He then suggests that you find Reldo at the Varrock Castle Library, for some information about the Imcando Dwarves.

2. Go to Varrock libery. Next to the kichen and talk to Reldo. He will will give you the location of the last Incamdo Dwarf in Runescape.

3. Head southwest of port sarim to Thurgo's hut near the cliff. When you try to talk to him you will get the message "Thurgo doesn't appear to be interested in talking." Give him your Redberry pie and he will tell you that he needs a picture of the sword.

4. Head back to the squire and ask him about a picture of that sword.
5. You will find the sword in Sir Vyvin's bedroom. Enter the Castle by going through the eastern door. Go trough another 2 doors to the east, until you reach a ladder. Go up the ladder, and walk west, to the staircase. Go up the stairs, and you will find yourself in Sir Vyvin's Bedroom. Search the cupboard in his bedroom while Sir Vyvin is not in the room, and you will find a picture.

6. Now head back to Thurgo's house. He will say that you need blurite ore. There will be a trapdoor on the top of the hill, go in it.

7. In the cave run until you see snow. Blurite ore is somewhere in there.

8. Now go back and talk to Thurgo. He will make you the 1st sword. If you want one for your self just drop the first one and ask him to make another one.

9. Now run/tele to falador and talk to the squire.

Hope it helped.

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The Knights sword
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